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A kitchen island has multiple uses. From providing more counter space to making your home feel more welcoming, there are many reasons to consider having one built in your kitchen. Here are some reasons why our experts always recommend homeowners consider having a kitchen island built:

Adds plenty of countertop room for food preparation

Every home maker can do with more countertop space in the kitchen. It’s just so convenient to have ample space in the kitchen. It makes food preparation easy and less stressful. If you’re frustrated with the amount of space you have to work with in the kitchen, a kitchen island is definitely something you want to consider.

A kitchen island provides extra storage space

Along with a kitchen island comes extra storage space. Often kitchen islands come with large shelves at the bottom, perfect for large pots and pans and appliances you don’t regularly use. You no longer have to worry about having heavy pots and pans taking up your cabinet space.

It’s perfect for homes with kids

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, particularly parents who make fresh meals multiple times a day for the family. When you have toddlers, it can be difficult to focus your energy in the kitchen while keeping an eye on them. Have them seated at the kitchen island drawing, eating, or just playing away while you cook meals and wash up. You’re able to keep an eye on them and ensure they are safe, while being able to complete your chores for the day too.

Kitchen with an island.

Can work as extra seating

Extra seating is always a major asset. The kitchen island can act as the informal dining area where you can grab a bite to eat, have breakfast or even have your friends over while you’re preparing a meal. If you run out of space at the table, the kitchen island always comes in use! Being able to seat more people is always handy.

Movable kitchen islands offer versatility of the space

Experts have developed movable kitchen islands to help homeowners make their space more functional and versatile. Movable kitchen islands are perfect for when you need to prepare meals and require counter space. It can also be moved out of the way once the food is prepared and extra room is required to accommodate guests. Movable kitchen islands are a revolutionary addition to smaller kitchens.

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