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We're proud to be Ottawa's trusted full-service renovator since 1989.

Tremblay Renovation is a leading home renovation contractor providing innovative renovation solutions to Ottawa homeowners for more than three decades.

We deliver design solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our experts strive to create beautiful and functional spaces that reflect your personality and style. We have the expertise and knowledge to take care of your renovation project. You can count on us to design the perfect renovation plan under your budget.

If your kitchen, bathroom, or basement needs a new look, schedule a home design consultation with our experienced and talented professionals today!


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High quality, professionally designed and installed luxury kitchen remodels at affordable prices.

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Professionally designed and installed luxury bathroom remodels at affordable prices.

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High quality, professionally designed and installed luxury basement renovations at affordable prices.

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Tremblay Renovation has more than three decades of experience.

With more than three decades of experience, Tremblay Renovation is your local home renovation contractor that can take care of all your home improvement needs.

Whether you are looking to renovate your kitchen, your bathroom, or basement, our creative team will work closely with you through all aspects of design to revamp your space. Our professionals know how to balance the budget and renovation requirements to deliver the best results.



Anne-Marie HupéAnne-Marie Hupé
12:29 14 Sep 23
Tremblay renovated our kitchen. It was a very positive experience from beginning to end. The staff from the designer, project manager, to contractors were all knowledgeable, and readily available to assist, answer questions. The design of the kitchen was thoughtfully done. It is both beautiful and functional. They communicated what to expect when the project began, when various workers would be in, and checked that work was completed to our satisfaction. Contractors cleaned up the job site daily, and did quality work. They run a reliable, honest, quality renovation company. We will definitely work with them again.
Carole E. BruleCarole E. Brule
14:05 09 Aug 23
We are absolutely delighted with our new ensuite bathroom designed and installed by Tremblay Renovation! Our incredibly talented designer Jansu was able to create a vision for exactly what we wanted and the entire Tremblay team was such a joy to work with - so professional, friendly and responsive. We highly recommend Tremblay Renovation and will be returning to them for any future renovations to our home! Carole & Claude
Jeff AylenJeff Aylen
14:59 23 Jul 23
What a great experience having Tremblay Renovations do a much needed makeover of our master bathroom. Jansu did a great job giving us lots of choices and listening to our needs during the design phase and Kale did an incredible job with the renovation. He was meticulous, hard-working and always cleaning up causing minimal disruption to our household during the work. The final results are amazing. Thank you! Here are some before and after pics, the room is unrecognizable.
Michelle SmithMichelle Smith
15:32 27 Jun 23
I waited two years before leaving this review as I wanted to see how our renovations held up over time. Happily, I only have positive things to say about Tremblay Renovations. The work done included tearing down and rebuilding a brand new master ensuite (walls, ceiling, plumbing, electric, etc.), major updates to the kitchen (cupboard doors, counters, backsplash, floor, electric), front hall flooring, new powder room and replacing all baseboards in common living areas. The process was as painless as possible. Tremblay did not start the work until all materials had been received (no small feat during COVID times). During the construction phase, we were consulted on an ongoing basis and were able to provide input on major decisions (ie. placement of pot lights, placement of kitchen island, etc.) The work took the amount of time estimated and there was no dead time as workers were on the premises everyday. Jeff, Kale and Mike were great, as was the designer, Amanda. Since the renovations two years ago, a couple of minor issues have come up. Jeff has been outstanding in following up with me on these items. Overall, we are extremely pleased with the quality of the work. I should also mention that Tremblay’s cost estimate was reasonable (compared to other companies that we approached who made no effort to find cost savings for us) and the final cost was on budget. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tremblay renovations.
Roseann HartRoseann Hart
19:13 18 Jun 23
Tremblay Renovations recently renovated our kitchen. It was beautifully done, excellent workmanship throughout, the cabinets, floor and backsplash are exquisite. We love everything about it. They are a quality company. Greg & RoseAnn


Have a question? No problem.

Renovations are what we do best. We’ve got the answers to all questions you might have, whether you are still deciding on the design or are ready to get started! We invite you to visit our showroom, where our consultants can discuss the process in more detail.

Will you come to my home?

Absolutely. Part of our process involves coming to your home so we can better understand the area we are working with. First, we start every consultation over the phone or via email to understand your vision as best we can. From there, we ask that you send us photos of the space ahead of time and some basic measurements so we can determine a preliminary budget. If our estimations align with your needs, we will come to your home to take accurate measurements and collect further details.

How much does a renovation cost?


The expense of renovating a kitchen varies depending on:

  • The size of the space. In general, the larger the kitchen, the higher the cost to renovate.
  • The quality of materials. Higher-end finishes, cabinetry, and appliances can all play a factor in the overall cost.
  • Whether you change the layout of the room, move the oven or fridge, or add an island can all run up the total amount of your kitchen renovation.

A basic kitchen upgrade would start at approx $25,000 for those renovating rental apartments, smaller kitchens, and people who want a short-term improvement. This type of renovation could entail cabinet refacing and more cost-effective improvements, like updating kitchen hardware. If you are planning a larger, more elaborate kitchen renovation, you might consider adding custom options like cabinetry, lighting, storage, and quartz countertops, perhaps even changing the layout. These upgrades can easily reach $50,000 or more.


On average, a standard 5’ x 9’ bathroom remodel starts at $30,000. Some added options that can increase this cost include:

  • New fixtures
  • A new vanity cabinet
  • Updated tiles and lighting
  • Added luxuries and accessories like heated floors

In contrast, renovating an ensuite bathroom will typically start in the $25,000 range, partly due to the size. Similar to kitchen renovations, the size of the space, the quality of the materials, and whether you change the layout of the room also play a factor in the overall cost.

Do I need a permit?

This is a common question for each of our jobs. The simple answer is it really depends on the space and extent of the renovation. For example, bathroom and kitchen upgrades and changes typically do not require building permits. However, suppose you are adding square footage with home additions or major alterations, particularly those that involve building or restructuring electrical, heating, and plumbing systems. In that case, these renovations require that you obtain a City of Ottawa Building Permit and potentially other documentation depending on the type of work to be done.

Not to worry, as Tremblay Renovation can take care of obtaining any permits that may be required.

How long does it take to complete a renovation project?

The length of time it takes to complete your renovation can be influenced by various details, such as:

  • The room and size of space to be renovated
  • The type of materials
  • Whether there will be any layout changes
  • Whether a permit will need to be obtained

At the start of each project, we provide our clients with an estimate of the timeline to complete their renovation. Often, this can range from 2 to 12 weeks. Our team does their best to account for potential setbacks because we understand that you can’t wait to enjoy your renovated space.

What is the best time of year to renovate?

The best time of year to renovate depends on your unique needs and circumstances. For example, if you want to complete a major kitchen renovation, you may plan a vacation around the time of the major changes to avoid disrupting your family. This could happen any time of year.

At Tremblay Renovation, we tend to connect with many clients during the spring and summer who are looking at their spaces with fresh eyes and looking to do some upgrades. Fall is another popular time, as it allows upgrades to be done before the colder weather arrives. Overall, if you are looking to renovate your home at a specific time, we recommend reaching out to us several months in advance to plan for your project and ensure it finishes within the period you are hoping for.

Can I live in my home during the renovation process?

Yes, you can certainly live in your home throughout the renovation process. Please bear in mind that renovations can cause a major disruption to the area being upgraded, so it will likely be unusable for the duration of the project. That means you may have limited access to cook in your kitchen or shower in your bathroom until all the work is done.

We do our best to stick to the schedule, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances may arise and extend the timeline. If possible, we recommend you have a plan to supplement the ability to use the space being renovated somewhere else in your home, such as a second bathroom or cooking space. Some individuals and families choose to leave their homes during the process and return once the project is complete.

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