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A newly renovated basement

The basement is the one room in the house that’s exposed to the most humidity, moisture, and mould. Effectively ventilating the basement can keep these problems at bay, though.

So, if you’re planning for basement renovations Ottawa, you need to first address any ventilation issues. Here’s how you can ventilate the basement of your home:

Why Basements Need To Be Ventilated:

Unlike the floors that are above the ground, the basement doesn’t get much air for natural ventilation. Above ground floors usually have enough windows, while ground floors have doors that can be opened for constant airflow.

Moreover, these floors have HVAC systems that are regularly working to pump air in and out of each room.

But with the basement, there are fewer and smaller windows. Most of the time, the doors remain closed, and with concrete or masonry block walls, the air stays trapped in the basement for longer.

Without proper ventilation, this air can have a musty smell, while also increasing moisture and facilitating the growth of black mould.

How To Ventilate The Basement:

Open Windows:

This is one of the easiest and cheapest methods of ventilation. Keep the windows open on good weather days and use screens and window wells on the windows.

This will prevent any leaves or debris from flying into your open basement window. If you have two windows on opposite sides of the basement, keep them both open to create cross ventilation.

A staircase leading to the basement

Open Doors:

Ensure that all the doors within the basement are open for as long as possible. If there is a stairway connecting to the basement, keep the door to the staircase open as well.

This allows the air on the above levels to pass down to the basement through the open windows and doors.

Exhaust Fans:

If the basement has a bathroom, get an exhaust fan installed in it. Anyone who takes a shower or bath should turn the fan on until all the moisture has dried up.

Ensure the exhaust fan is working at its total capacity so that no moisture is left behind to promote mould.

Extend The HVAC To The Basement:

If you are remodelling the basement anyway, you can extend the HVAC system to the basement. This should include an air-return duct as well so that air is kept in circulation in the basement.

If you’re looking for more tips on how to keep your basement dry, get in touch with the best basement contractor Ottawa at Tremblay Renovation. We provide top-quality basement design and build services in Ottawa. Get in touch on our website to learn more.

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