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Are you yet to decide whether your home requires a bathtub or walk-in shower? You’re not alone! This is a dilemma for most homeowners who aren’t able to afford both. Here are some things to consider when making your decision:

Who is using the bathroom?

The most important factor to consider is the person using the bathroom. Bathtubs aren’t a great idea for seniors, those with arthritis, and those who have limited accessibility. Young individuals with fast paced lives also prefer a walk-in shower since they don’t have the time to take a bath all the time.

Do you have a tub already?

While it’s tempting to get the existing bathtub that came with the home removed to get a trendy shower installed, real estate experts advise against it. Removing the bathtub will narrow down the number of people interested in buying your home when you eventually sell it. It will isolate families with little children and expectant couples.

Bathroom with a view.

Are you concerned about energy efficiency?

There are many energy efficient shower heads available today that can be installed in your bathroom. They reduce your water consumption, saving on utilities. These shower heads are more expensive than regular shower heads, but they can make a positive impact on the environment. If you’re environmentally conscious, it’s important to note that a regular shower requires 17 gallons of water, while a bath requires 24 gallons of water.

What budget are you working with?

Budget is an important deciding factor between the two options. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of installing a bathtub in 2021 is around CAD 5,000, while building and installing a shower can cost between CAD 6,200 to 10,000. Homeowners who want a shower must also be willing to splash the cash. Spending this money on your bathroom remodel can also add up to 20% to the resale value of your home too.

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