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Many people dislike the various aspects involved with maintaining their bathroom effectively. Here are some ways to make bathroom cleaning easier:


First, let’s start at the bottom and work our way up. Let’s begin with the tiling. Rather than using a huge number of smaller tiles on the floor, you should consider installing tiles with a bigger format, such as those measuring 12 inches by 12 inches or even larger. Your grout joints will be reduced to a minimum as a result. You may also want to consider using porcelain tiles since they can be installed more closely together than other tiles, thus reducing the amount of space needed for grout joints. There are a wide variety of grouts to choose from inside the selection process.

We make use of a very high-quality grout that has built-in sealers, is resistant to mildew, and has other dirt-resistant features built into it as well. You will need to seal some of the older grouts (and those grouts that are less costly) regularly. However, grouts now on the market do not need to be sealed regularly. When it comes to the floor, this is the point at which you should get started.


How Can I Make My Bathroom Simple to MaintainYour cabinetry is the next part of the puzzle to be completed. You don’t want there to be a lot of little crevices and nooks. You do not want a door design that is extremely busy since it will attract a lot of dust and need you to use a q-tip to clean all of the grooves in the door. Therefore, in many cases, those who favour simple cleaning may choose a flat slab door with an attractive piece of hardware attached to it, so they can simply wipe down the cabinet doors.


Regarding the countertop, the natural stone will need more maintenance than a product made of quartz would in the long run. There are many great things made of quartz on the market nowadays and they come with guarantees good for life. They are simple to scrub clean. They do not get stained, and many have the appearance of real stone if this is the style you are drawn to. It is important to remember to install the sink below the counter rather than on top so you do not end up causing any more cracks or fissures. Because of this, it is much simpler to wipe everything off and put it straight into the sink.

Shower Door

Choose a shower door that does not have a frame; this sort of door is the best option. Any metal will likely gather a great deal of grime, making cleaning more challenging. Even though you will end up with more glass, it makes more sense to have less metal since glass is far simpler to clean than metal.


We then like to paint the walls with eggshell paint, which is a flat paint that can be cleaned. It’s easy to clean and looks as good in the bathroom as semi-gloss or high-gloss paint, which has a shiny, glossy finish. The eggshell looks great and makes it easy to clean.

In Ottawa, Choose Tremblay Renovation for Your Bathroom

In conclusion, these are some straightforward recommendations for constructing a less laborious bathroom to clean up and care for over time. There are even more pointers that we are more than delighted to impart to you at this time. 

You can input the specifics of your project online at to get a design consultation and price estimate, or you can call us in Ottawa at (613) 748-9999 to get more information about our custom bathroom design services and process.

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