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You can’t just increase rent to cover expenses. To remain competitive, you must thus monitor what other landlords are charging. So how do you address the following obstacles while upgrading a rental property?

  • The need to select styles that would appeal to the majority of potential renters
  • Finding the optimal balance between high-quality improvements and affordable renovation expenses
  • Renovating so you will not need to do it again in the near future

This article explains how to overcome these obstacles while renovating the kitchen of a rental home. Below are crucial considerations to consider when attempting to change the kitchen’s appearance in your rental property – without breaking the bank.

Kitchen Renovation Guidelines for Rental Properties

Choose a Design With Widespread Appeal

The kitchen should be attractive – not from your viewpoint, but from that of the renters. You must disregard your tastes and focus your decisions on what would appeal to tenants. Durability and usability are two of the essential characteristics; each component must be able to endure tenant abuse. The kitchen must be simple to clean and stocked with easily accessible items.

Avoid Complex Designs

In continuation with the last point, excessive details confuse the design and make it seem crowded. Personal elements (such as your own décor) make it difficult for prospective renters to see themselves in the area. Your objective should be to supply everything necessary for the kitchen to work. Leave the specifics to the tenant; just provide a blank canvas for them to decorate.

Select the Proper Materials

Avoid the temptation to utilize inexpensive materials. These diminish the rental’s value and must be replaced sooner. All surfaces should be competitively priced, stain-resistant and durable. If you can afford it, you should choose stone, granite, or quartz for countertops on all surfaces. For doors and drawer fronts, the preferred material is melamine. Instead of particle board, use plywood for under-sink cabinets; this handles water better.

Paint Colour and Lights

Tremblay Renovation - Tips for a Kitchen Renovation in a Rental PropertyWall and cabinet colours are an area where mistakes are often made. Choose a neutral colour that will enable the tenant’s dishes and draperies to blend in. Do not choose dark colours for kitchen cabinetry, since these make the space seem gloomy. Lighting should emphasize paint colours, but its primary function is facilitating kitchen tasks. When considering a kitchen lighting renovation in a rental home, pay close attention to task lighting and illuminating dark areas.

Hardware, Fixtures and the Backsplash

You may be tempted to employ simple plastic components. Resist this urge; they make the house seem cheap. Invest in robust, aesthetically pleasing drawer pulls and door knobs. Similarly, purchasing excellent plumbing fittings is an investment in your peace of mind. Lastly, ensure you install a backsplash in the kitchen, no matter how little.

Maximize Space and Prioritize Storage

Kitchens in rental properties never have enough storage space. Installing taller cabinets will increase storage space. Several drawers and clever storage solutions (roll-out shelves, concealed pull-out trash bins, spice racks, floating shelves and towel hooks) provide tenants with numerous storage possibilities. A larger countertop is preferable – but removing items off the counter will provide the illusion of greater space if this is not feasible.

Home Appliances Are Important

If appliances are outdated, the only choice is to replace them. But if they are functionally sound despite their appearance, repainting can be just as effective. If you’re in the market for new appliances, you shouldn’t choose the cheapest or most expensive options. The rent proceeds may not justify the expense of high-end appliances unless you possess a high-end rental property. There are no hard-to-reach spots to clean with built-in appliances, making them superior.

Instead of Replacing Cabinets, Reface or Repaint Them

If cabinets are in good condition, only a makeover will be required. You can do this easily by refacing them. Cabinets will seem brand-new, and your wallet will be satisfied; cabinets in pristine condition may also be repainted. The impact will be equivalent to refacing or replacing them in a rental property renovation.

Whether you know what you want or are still considering your options, our remodeling consultants will meet with you in our showroom to explain the process. 

Call us in Ottawa today at (613) 748-9999 or visit online to discuss your rental property kitchen improvement project.

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