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A bathroom renovation project is a fun and exciting home project, and you might want to do it now that we’re spending more time at home. For your renovation to go smoothly and stay within your budget, you need both a clear plan and a set design. A bathroom renovation project might be just what your house needs – but it’s not an easy job. We asked experts for tips on renovating a bathroom so you can make your vision come true.

Have a Plan Before Beginning Your Bathroom Renovation

Don’t start renovating your bathroom until you have everything you need. Hire a licensed and insured contractor to build your project, so as to protect your assets and personal things. Hire a company specializing in this kind of project, and don’t sign a contract until every product, colour and layout is what you want.

Bathroom renovations can be messy, take a long time and they cost money. Choose wisely and pick something that will last a long time.

Putting time and money into renovating or building a new bathroom is a big deal. Even though the internet has everything in the way of information you need for a bathroom makeover, the amount of information online can be overwhelming, lead to unrealistic expectations and make you feel more stressed. You can avoid these problems if you hire professionals like those at Tremblay Renovation who design and plan hundreds of bathrooms every year and know how to bring order out of chaos.

Design an Open and Functional Space

Think light, airy, and clean lines to make your bathroom feel bigger. Start with light colours that are all the same, tile from floor to ceiling, add mirrors to the walls, install a glass shower door, put lights behind the mirror, put in a pocket door, and use high gloss paint to reflect light.

The bathroom sets the tone for the beginning and end of the day – so why not make it the perfect place for both? A beautiful piece of modern cabinetry can set the mood of your bathroom. Whether you want walnut, painted or high-gloss cabinets, you can make this room beautiful and useful at any time by adding many drawers and other unique features.

Consider the Future When Designing

Bathroom Renovation Ideas and Tips from the ProfessionalsThink about future needs. During a bathroom renovation, make sure that you and the people you love will be able to age comfortably for many years, no matter what the future holds. Traditional bathroom layouts can be very dangerous for people with limited mobility. Consider making your new bathroom more accessible by installing an ADA-compliant shower, toilet and better lighting. You and the people you love will get older, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave the home you’ve built your life in.

Notice How Much Impact Even Minor Changes Can Make

Consider the bathroom finishes and vanity when starting a bathroom makeover to set the tone for a luxurious and glam look. First, choose three tiles that look good together. Use one on the floor, one throughout the main room, and one on the walls of the shower. Then, choose a vanity that will look good against the new background.

Small changes can sometimes make a big difference in how your bathroom looks. Change the colour of your towels to give your room a new look. Using white towels makes the room feel like a spa. Darker neutral (like charcoal gray) are in style because they feel high-end and add a touch of glam. If you want to add some colour but don’t want to paint or tile, your new best friend is a set of brightly coloured towels.

Choose Long-Lasting Surfaces

Choose the right surfaces for your bathroom when you renovate it. Not only should these surfaces look good, but they should also be able to handle a lot of water. We often recommend porcelain tiles for walls and floors because they don’t stain, grow bacteria or smell bad. Choose bigger tiles to reduce the number of grout lines and make it easier to clean.

Choose Tremblay Renovation as Your Bathroom Renovations Contractor in Ottawa

When it comes time to renovate your bathroom, make Tremblay Renovation your first and only call. Visit us online or call us in Ottawa at (613) 748-9999 to talk about the bathroom renovations project you have in mind.

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