Points to Consider When Hiring a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

One of the most enjoyable home improvement jobs is remodeling a bathroom. The benefits are immediate and personal: a gleaming new shower or bathtub, a new colour scheme, a bathroom vanity with a stunning surface, and more storage than ever before.

A high-quality bathroom makeover can also pay for itself by increasing the market value of your home. Hiring a bathroom contractor with expertise who can see your project through to completion is one approach to assure the best bathroom renovation.

Interview 3 or More Bathroom Contractors

When you speak with just one or two bathroom contractors, you will only get a restricted range of perspectives. If you go ahead and choose to obtain proposals from these contractors, be prepared for higher-than-expected bids. By interviewing many contractors, you will be able to discover the contractor who is the best match for your project. You’ll also have a wider selection of offers to pick from.

Review Contractors’ Previous Work

Bathroom remodelers generally arrive for the interview with a photo gallery of prior bathroom remodels (either in a picture book or on a screen). You can also look at the contractor’s portfolio on their website, or on contractor-matching websites to which they belong.

Look beyond the eye-catching photographs to see whether this bathroom contractor provides the type of work that is suited for you.

Get Estimates in Writing

For both the homeowner and the bathroom contractor, verbal estimates are worthless. Even when everyone has excellent intentions, numbers are forgotten, misconstrued or misheard. Estimates that are well-written are also useful if you need to take legal action. It is completely acceptable to request a verbal ballpark quote from a bathroom contractor, but just keep in mind that no one is holding you to this amount; you should follow up with a documented cost estimate.

Pin Down the Schedule

Before signing the contract, be sure to discuss the start date of the makeover and the total length of the project. Scheduling is important to both you and the contractor, and when both of you agree, you may go ahead with the contract. “Time is of the essence” is a well-known contract provision that outlines the length of time the contractor has to work on the project, as well as the homeowner’s payment schedule.

Clarify What the Contractor Will Do

Speak with your bathroom contractor about everything that will be completed throughout the project, even before the contract is made up. Bathroom remodeling contractors carry out a certain set of tasks, as well as the necessary resources. The contractor will never just claim that the bathroom “will be redone”. Instead, a bigger bathroom remodeling job is divided into a number of distinct, smaller sub-projects.

Discuss Supplying Your Own or Reusing Items

When upgrading your bathroom with a contractor, you have the option of recycling useful components from your old bathroom, in addition to employing new construction materials. Discuss the materials you want to repurpose with the contractor ahead of time. Also, be sure to heed the contractor’s advice on the feasibility of these materials.

Discuss the Peripherals

Bathroom Contractor Ottawa Renovations, Design, BuildA skilled contractor is proactive in bringing up “peripheral” concerns that influence your life throughout the bathroom makeover. What will you do if the bathroom being worked on is your only bathroom at this time? When will the subcontractors come, and when will they leave? Will they be available on weekends? All of these issues, and more, have an impact on your life throughout the bathroom renovation process.

Verify Licenses and Credentials

Bathroom contractors must be licensed and registered – and this comes with a slew of regulations including insurance, bonding, criminal background checks, testing, continuing education and more. As a requirement of membership, most online contractor-matching services need current licenses and registrations.

Choose the Contractor

Your ultimate decision of a contractor for your bathroom makeover involves a delicate balance of multiple elements, not just the one most of us focus on—a cheap estimate. A low-cost bathroom makeover isn’t worth your money if the craftsmanship or materials last only a few years. Instead, consider not just the pricing but also:

  • How successfully you and the contractor can collaborate
  • Whether the contractor’s prior projects align with your project’s schedule (both yours and the contractor’s)
  • The professionalism of the contractor
  • Testimonials from previous customers

Sign a Legal Contract

When you’ve chosen a bathroom contractor, be sure to sign a contract. Both parties should sign and date this contract, which should contain the specifics of the renovation project, cost, payment plan, worksite location, start and conclusion dates, and any other elements that both parties agree on.

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