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Instead of realizing the full potential of their basements, most homeowners utilize them as storage space. It’s oblivious that a well-designed area can increase the value of the whole house. As a top basement renovations contractor in Ottawa, we know a basement renovation will allow you to make the most of the area.

Top Reasons To Consider Home Basement Renovations

  1. Utilize the Additional Area

Adding a new room to your house can be time-consuming and costly. In addition to requiring less effort and time, renovating the basement is an excellent approach to maximize available space. You can transform it into a bedroom with all the needed facilities or use it for several other uses such as a game room, theater room, office, children’s playroom, etc.

  1. Enhance the Worth of Your Home

Remember if you are attempting to sell your home, an unfinished and disorganized basement is not appealing to potential buyers. However, you can increase the number of potential purchasers by renovating and decluttering your basement. This will also boost your home’s worth.

  1. Reduce Your Energy Bills

An unfinished basement could be an energy drain without adequate insulation and ventilation (and lead to higher power costs). However, a renovated basement with sufficient insulation helps maintain a comfortable temperature in your house and reduces air leaks and energy inefficiencies.

  1. Guest Room and Space for Rent

Choosing custom basement renovations can transform your basement into an ideal guest room. The peaceful and secluded environment is also perfect for renting since tenants will value the increased privacy. Furthermore, it is an easy and efficient method for generating extra revenue.

  1. Entertainment Location

The exceptional acoustic features of basements make them ideal for an entertainment area or home theater. You can install comfy chairs and a home theater system with cutting-edge technology to hold parties and/or watch movies with friends. Not needing to worry about upsetting noisy neighbours is an extra benefit.

  1. Improve Safety

By deciding to repair your basement, you can eliminate several issues such as water leaks, mold development and gas leaks, which can compromise the construction and integrity of a home. This is a smart method to prevent dealing with extensive basement damage plus related costs.

Now that you know the advantages of basement renovations, let’s examine a few simple strategies to make it more desirable to prospective renters.

Considerations For Renting Out Your Basement

    1. Keep Away Moisture

Tremblay Renovation - Why Basement Renovations Are an Excellent IdeaAs basements are more likely to leak, it is important to look for signs of dampness. You may have a water leak if you sense your basement has a musty or stale odor. Invest in proper waterproofing as part of your basement renovation plans in order to prevent future leaks.

  1. Examine for Mildew and Pests

Mold growth is also more prevalent in basements; this is why you should often inspect and fix any damaged sections. In addition, plan pest treatment to prevent any insect issues.

  1. Install Basement Flooring Correctly

Because basements tend to become chilly rapidly, it’s important to select the flooring material carefully when renovating a basement. This can help keep the environment warmer for a longer period of time. The proper ratio of carpet to vinyl should be used to get the intended effects.

  1. Create More Space for Storage

Basement renovations in Ottawa must have appropriate storage space, since renters in the city prefer basement flats with ample storage facilities. Declutter your basement and make the necessary adjustments so renters have sufficient room to live comfortably.

  1. Install Reliable Light Fixtures

Because there is little natural light in a basement, it is advantageous to make improvements that will make it brighter. As part of your basement renovations, it is recommended you use better lighting and paint the walls a light colour. You can also add string lights, towering floor lamps, bedside lights, and other forms of illumination which make the area seem stylish and lively.

  1. Consider the Basement’s Fireproofing and Soundproofing

Consider additional fireproofing features such as fire-rated doors, alarms and more, in addition to securing fire exits. Learn the rules and regulations of your municipality and act appropriately, in addition to fireproofing the basement and soundproofing it to preserve your and your renters’ privacy. As part of your custom basement renovations, you should also install security locks to secure their safety.

Please contact us in Ottawa at (613) 748-9999 or visit Tremblay Renovation online if you wish to rebuild your basement. Additionally, you can fill out our online form to receive a quote for your project.

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