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Newly renovated kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where family members hang around the most and have their meals. That’s why you should really think about transforming your kitchen into a functional and inviting space for the whole family. The right kitchen renovation Ottawa can make a space more functional and stylish.

Here are some of our top kitchen improvement ideas:

Add colour to the backsplash

A monochromatic kitchen is great at first, but somewhere down the line, you will want a splash of colour. An easy and effective way to add colour and texture to your kitchen is by changing up the backsplash.

Warm tones are expected to be huge this year. We anticipate wine reds, deep greens, and rich browns becoming more popular in 2021. One-piece backsplashes in marble and metal also add a clean and seamless look to modern kitchens.

Switch up the hardware

Make the hardware of your kitchen the focal point by choosing a striking colour. A contrasting colour might just do the trick. If your kitchen is cool-toned, incorporating colours like white, powder blue, grey, rich gold, or rose gold will look stunning!

Invest in new lighting

Just changing up the decorative lighting fixtures in the kitchen alone can transform the space. If you have a dining area in the kitchen, consider changing the decorative light fixture to upgrade your kitchen. If you’re looking to add modern lighting to the kitchen, consider recessed lighting along the cabinets.

Modern kitchen.

Paint the cabinets

Cabinets are expensive, and most homeowners want to make the most of the ones they have. If the cabinets are looking worse for the wear, have them repainted. Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint! It instantly refreshes the kitchen and you can use this opportunity to change up the colour scheme of your kitchen entirely.

Refresh the sink

Over time, a chrome sink tends to lose its lustre and appearance. Refresh the look of your chrome sink by having a professional work on it. If your kitchen sink is very old and practically falling apart, consider replacing it with a sturdier one.

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