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You’ll have to make tough decisions when doing home renovations. One of them is mostly about the budget. Renovations can cost thousands of dollars, as you may have seen on many home improvement videos. You don’t have to break the bank to make substantial improvements to your home, unlike the shows on TV. You can do a complete home makeover as long as you know where to spend your funds.

Many people struggle to decide which renovations to prioritize because there are so many options. If you are a homeowner, this can be difficult because you want to maximize efficiency while minimizing costs. So, which one should you start with? As a general rule, you’ll want to start with ones that add value and comfort to you and your family.

Home Renovations That Increase the Value of Your Home

One of the reasons people renovate their homes is to boost the value of their homes, mainly for resale. If you have this in mind, what should you prioritize? And how do you determine whether a project is worthwhile in terms of increasing the value of your property?

When it comes to increasing the value of your home, you must prioritize projects with higher recoup costs. In general, you’ll want low-cost but high-return improvements. Here are some examples:

  • Kitchen Remodeling – Many homeowners consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home. As a result, many potential buyers will focus on the kitchen. You do not, however, want to overspend on a kitchen renovation. Some of the most cost-effective projects are replacing appliances with energy-efficient models, installing new countertops and cabinetry, repainting, and reflooring.
  • Bathroom Renovation – The bathroom, like the kitchen, is an important room where people will spend time. Even minor bathroom renovations can lead to a significant increase in value. Reflooring, replacing lights, bathtubs and toilets, and adding paint or wallpaper are all worthwhile renovation projects.
  • Creating a Wooden Deck – Houses and properties with adequate outdoor living spaces are becoming increasingly popular. As a result, building a deck is a fantastic home improvement that can increase aesthetic appeal and thus resale value. Wood is one of the least expensive materials. Most common wood decks, on the other hand, will not last long. As a result, it is best for people who plan to sell their homes soon.
  • Front Yard Remodeling – Minor changes to the front area of your home can raise interest, which can lead to an increase in value. Landscaping, garage door replacements, and adding or replacing light fixtures are some of the projects you can work on.

Home Renovations That Add Comfort and Relaxation

Even when increasing the value of your home is one leading cause for renovations, another is comfort. And it’s just as important as increasing the value of your home. In some cases, even if you don’t recoup as much money as with other projects, these types of renovations are worthwhile.

Home Renovations That Add Comfort and Relaxation

  • Lighting – Having access to natural light should never be a concern. Preferably, the design of your home should take into consideration how the sun moves across the property, with window placement and glazing suited to the location and climate. Make use of the natural light in your home to make it look and feel great. Spend money on one high-quality decorative pendant light in a high-traffic area, such as a dining room. Other lights can be affordable, conventional designs.
  • Flooring – It has a big impact on the appearance of a home and is also difficult to replace. Select the best option you can afford, whether it’s tiles, hardwood, or carpet. A high-quality, sturdy floor will not only look good, but it will also withstand the test of time and, hopefully, remain beautiful for several years. Choose flooring in widely available sizes and colorways when making your selection. Anything outside the box will always cost more and may be more difficult to match if you add more later.
  • Electronics and Appliances – It is important to consider your family’s technological needs both now and in the future. So, before you begin renovating, research the latest wireless technologies, advanced sound and security systems, and ways to cover up cables, antennas, and such. Boxy refrigerators and dishwashers used to dominate domestic kitchens. Today, however, integration is firmly in trend, so consider spending a little more to disguise those bulky appliances behind joinery. Integration may not be cheap, but you can achieve the look with an economical feature like pop-up power points that are cleverly concealed when not in use.
  • Adding New Rooms – Another renovation you might think about is adding a new bathroom, especially if you have a large family and live in a house with only one bathroom. While it may not be as inexpensive as minor bathroom renovations, it can increase your level of comfort. Adding a new room is also expensive compared to other projects, but it can be beneficial if necessary.

It can be difficult to decide where and how to spend your money on renovations. When making home improvements, choose those that will increase the value of your home. Comfort-enhancing projects are also worthwhile. If possible, do both. That way, you’ll receive the most bang for your buck.

If your kitchen, bathroom, or basement needs a new look, schedule a home design consultation with our experienced and talented professionals today!

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