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You bought a house, but later realized the bathroom wasn’t what you really wanted or needed when you moved in. Or you’ve lived in your bathroom for a long time now and you want to update it and make it more modern. Or you’ve been bothered by broken tiles or fixtures for a while now. Any of these would make you think it’s time to redo your bathroom.

Here are the important things to consider before tearing down your bathroom and renovating it:

Plan Your Bathroom Renovation

Plan first. Write down why you decided to renovate your bathroom and what you want to achieve. Look at bathroom ideas online and determine what you want and need.

You’ve probably seen several bathrooms and know what you want for yours. You could design it yourself, but you’d need to know how it fits. If you’re tech-savvy and can sketch your ideas on software, do so. Discuss these with professional bathroom renovators and see what they advise you to alter.

Design Your Space

You have a concept and will proceed. Consider employing an architect who knows your project needs and building regulations. An expert architect will also propose suggestions if you miss some fundamental bathroom design aspects. If your design requires more room than you have, the architect might propose ways to cut into another area of your house.

Consider the surrounding spaces, such as a bedroom, hallway or living room, and how your bathroom makeover fits in (particularly if you also want to redesign other areas). Consider your architect’s advice. Remember, you’ll be using the bathroom for years, not the architect, so if you’re uncomfortable with something, let them know.

Examine the Materials You Will Use

We may purchase items online, but nothing beats seeing and touching them in person. The vendor must make it appear attractive in images. Compare brands and retailers, and also consider alternatives. Floor and wall finishes are plentiful. Tiles have numerous materials, looks and textures. Wet-area finishes aren’t limited to tiles. Consider your architect’s advice and shop around.

Also, consider bathroom fixtures. Tubs, shower enclosures, and other fixtures come in many sizes and designs. Sit in the toilet, the tub, and the basin to observe how they feel.

Pay Close Attention to the Framework

You need a structural engineer whether you’re working with your present space or expanding your bathroom. During demolition and construction, examine basement bathrooms for damage to waterproofing. Ground and higher level bathrooms require the same waterproofing and structural assessments – particularly if extending through neighbouring walls.

When everything is exposed after the demolition, the structural engineer may assess the exposed walls and floors for damage. You must also record these checks. 

Bathroom Renovation Costs

Top Things to Consider Before Renovating the Bathroom -Tremblay RenovationBathroom makeover costs should be a priority. After the plans are produced, the architect and structural engineer should present an estimated cost. You may trim it down or add additional elements based on your budget.

If you’re over budget, examine alternative materials before cutting anything. There’s always something cheaper (maybe not the same quality or features) but select something you can live with and upgrade easily.

Think about what you can plan for now which can be quickly added without destroying anything, such as storage cabinets.

Don’t Forget the Water

Don’t forget to prioritize water in bathroom design. There are both cheap and pricey faucets and shower fixtures. Choose the finest ones which meet your budget based on quality, material, flow rate, repair components and simplicity of replacement.

Check whether your plumbing needs replacing. Years of use may have caused corrosion or blockages.

Lighting, Electrical and Ventilation

Your bathroom may not have proper lighting or ventilation, depending on when it was built. Incorporate these elements into new designs and codes. Check all electrical rough-ins for adequacy or upgrades.

Lighting and ventilation alter a bathroom’s design and feel. Different light sources respond differently to different finishes and textures. Windows allow in the sunshine, provide ventilation and impact the bathroom’s temperature.

How We Can Help

Bathroom renovation is a difficult job you may have to do now or in the future. At Tremblay Renovation, we can help you with our teams of experienced contractors who have worked in the industry since 1989. Call us in Ottawa at (613) 748-9999 or visit us online for a free quote and consultation.

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