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Instead of realizing the full potential of their basements, most homeowners utilize them as storage space. However, a well-designed basement with multiple rooms and uses can increase the value of a home, not to mention make the most of the space you have. As a top basement renovation contractor in Ottawa, we know this all too well. In this post, we’ll explore the top reasons to upgrade this area and some ideas on what you can do with it:

1. Make Use of the Additional Space

Looking to add a new room to your home? An expansion can cost you a lot of time and money; unless you consider putting that room in the basement. Remodeling this space means you already have a foundational structure and can turn it into anything you want. Maybe you need an extra bedroom or an office. Perhaps you are looking for a more dedicated entertaining space, like a game room, home theatre, or kid’s playroom. In your basement, this is all doable!

Put in a Guest Room

With some thoughtful design, you can craft a portion of your basement into a welcoming guest room. Given its inherent privacy, guests will appreciate the secluded nature of the space. When renovating, ensure there is a window for egress, and you follow all relevant building codes.

Liven it up with an Entertainment Space

One of the unique advantages of basements is their natural sound insulation, which makes them a great place for a home theatre or entertainment room. You can put in comfortable seats and a digital system with cutting-edge technology, so you can have parties or watch movies with friends and family in peace.  And the best part? You can enjoy all this without worrying about disturbing your neighbours.

2. Increase the Value of Your Home

If you’re planning on selling your home, a few projects can help fix it up and ensure you get top dollar. Buyers are more inclined towards homes with finished basements rather than ones cluttered with miscellaneous items. As a bonus, when you list your property, a renovated basement can significantly boost its market value compared to its unfinished counterpart.

3. Cut Down on Energy Bills

Without proper insulation and airflow, your unfinished basement could be costing you more when it comes to utilities. Getting your basement renovated means all features will be up to code and properly installed to keep your basement at a comfortable temperature and humidity level. This can significantly cut down on air leaks and wasted energy.

4. Improve Overall Home Safety

If you decide to renovate your basement, you can prevent many problems that come along with this space, like water leaks, mould growth and gas leaks. All of these factors can damage your home’s structure and integrity if not properly monitored. In many ways, a reno is a smart way to avoid major damage to your basement and the costs that come with it.

  • Keep moisture out. As basements are more likely to leak, it is important to look for signs of dampness. Invest in proper waterproofing as part of your basement renovation plans in order to prevent future leaks.
  • Look for mildew and pests. Mold growth is prevalent in basements; this is why you should inspect and fix any damaged sections. In addition, plan pest treatment to prevent any insect issues.
  • Install flooring correctly. Because basements tend to be colder than the rest of your home, it’s important to select the flooring material carefully when renovating a basement. This can help keep the environment warmer for a longer period of time.
  • Create space for storage. If you plan to rent out the space, renters appreciate spaces with ample storage. Not to mention, you’ll probably want to keep a few things in your basement despite not having full use of the space. Be considerate of where you place storage closets and their size.
  • Install reliable lighting. Basements don’t tend to have a lot of natural light, so consider lighting options that will brighten the space. We recommend the use of LED lighting and light paint colours to balance the lack of sunlight.
  • Consider fire and soundproofing. Some units will require additional fireproofing features such as fire-rated doors, alarms and more, in addition to securing fire exits. Soundproofing the space can also help to preserve overall privacy in the space.

5. Generate Rental Income

There are numerous benefits that come with renovating your basement. If the space is big enough, you might even consider converting it into a rental apartment to help generate income. Now that you know the benefits of renovating your basement, let’s look at some easy ways to make it more appealing to potential renters.

In many cases, you may rent to someone you don’t know. Therefore, it’s important to do your due diligence when it comes to this renovation to ensure that it is safe and secure for your tenant. 

Trust Us to Help with Your Basement Renovation

Locally serving the Ottawa community for more than 30 years, we have helped numerous homeowners finish the basements of their dreams. At Tremblay Renovation, we are licensed, insured, and well-known throughout the city for our attention to detail and expert craftsmanship. Our team puts the customer first and works to execute their vision. Additionally, all of the basement renovations we do are covered by a 2-year warranty from front to back.

If you live in Ottawa and want to renovate your basement, call us at (613) 748-9999 or contact us today. When filling out our online form, we can provide you with an estimate for your project.

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