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A simple, lit scullery kitchen

Many homeowners are often confused when it comes to kitchen build Ottawa and renovations. If you’re a clean freak who dislikes messy kitchens and cluttered counters, we’ve got the right kitchen remodeling design for you: the scullery look.

Whether you aspire to become a MasterChef or enjoy cooking for yourself, a scullery design can take your kitchen to the next level! Although this design is a prominent part of the kitchen history, it’s still popular today.

What is a Scullery Kitchen?

In a scullery kitchen, different parts of your kitchen area are sectioned and designed for specific purposes. It usually involves regions designated for washing dishes, cleaning, and storage, thereby giving you more space to keep the post-meal clutter out of sight.

A scullery kitchen can be your ultimate pick if you love to host parties at your house. This design promotes the open-kitchen look and enhances its spaciousness.

Types of Scullery Kitchens

There are three common types of scullery kitchen designs. Each of them is unique, functional, efficient, and fun in a distinctive way.

White-tiled walls and black marble top in residential kitchen

Walk-in Scullery: This allows you to add separate storage space for pantry items and kitchen appliances.

Concealed Scullery: Allows you to prep and cook meal in separate areas. It helps keep your central kitchen clutter-free and tidy even when you’re prepping a three-course meal.

Segmented Scullery: Tight on your budget? Get the sectioned scullery look. Section out your current kitchen area using a folding door or a screen to prep without causing a mess in the cooking area. This look can also be DIY-ed, but professional help is recommended to ensure efficient space utilization.

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Whether you’re looking to spruce up your culinary hub or purposefully looking for an additional storage area, a sculler kitchen will serve you the best. Here’s how to achieve the look:

Maximize Your Storage Space

When designing a sculler kitchen, the foremost thing to ensure is dedicating a significant part to smart storage solutions. Open shelves, built-in dividers, and vertical racks are the best option for storing condiments, small appliances, tools, and utensils.

Opt for glass containers to store sugar, coffee, pasta, and other staples to make them easily accessible and quicker to identify.

Wash with Style

Doing dishes is probably the most-hated kitchen activity—even for cooking lovers. By choosing a scullery kitchen design, you can make washing and meal prep enjoyable and stress-free.

Install your sink in the scullery, add stainless steel hooks and rails for hanging kitchen towels, and invest in ceramic dispensers to match the overall kitchen design.

Make It Eye-Catching

The scullery extension in your kitchen must reflect the central area and the rest of your home. Incorporate similar features, textures, and lighting in your sculler kitchen to harmonize the interior and pull together a balanced look.

Since scullery kitchen offers you more space, use it to display some wall art, your favorite cookbooks, or bring place cute planters across the sidelines for a refreshing look.

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