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A minimal bathroom sink design

When homeowners contemplate home renovations Ottawa, bathrooms are often their top priority. This is mainly because bathrooms are subject to extensive wear and tear and usage over time. Moreover, an unappealing and dysfunctional bathroom takes away the peace and relaxation of your bath sessions and destroys your house’s overall look.

Renovating and remodeling bathrooms offers various opportunities for revamping your private sauna into a Zen space for physical and mental peace.

Discover the trending bathroom remodel ideas for 2021 and choose one or a mix of them to transform your bathroom into a modern, minimal, contemporary, or sustainable beauty!

A white bathroom with a floating sink

1.   Nude Palette is All the Rage!

We recommend you go back to basics for this year! Revamp your dark, congested bathroom into a nude beauty. Opt for a neutral color palette for walls, fixtures, bathtubs, and incorporate natural light for a glowing, bright space.

Choose light-colored woods, a furry rug in pastel color, marble-effect ceramics, and strategically places planters to complete the look.

2.   Install a Floating Vanity

We’re sure that de-cluttering, space conservation, and re-spacing home are some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions for homeowners. And what better way to start the process by de-cluttering your bathroom?

Install crispy and contemporary floating vanity in your sauna for a space-saving storage solution. It not only gives your bathroom and modern touch but is also very functional and distinctive from the conventional sink and vanity designs.

Work with your bathroom contractor to figure out strategic and well-placed configurations to achieve a contemporary bathroom look.

3.   How About a Space-Savvy Bathtub?

The COVID-19 lockdown has augmented homeowners’ craving for respite and relaxation, making bathtubs a top bathroom feature for 2021. A Houzz trends study reveals that a separate, flat-bottom bathtub is becoming highly popular and preferred than clawfoot and decorative alternatives.

4.   Matte White Fittings

This one’s a no-brainer. An increasing number of homeowners choose matte white bathroom fixtures and fittings to give a minimalist look to their private Zen spaces. Integrating this trend would require a simple bathroom sink, tub, and sleek wall décor. You can also opt for black matte fitting if white’s not your color. Moreover, install a glass, see-through shower for the ultimate modern touch.

5.   A Combination Look

If you want to transform your bathroom into a creative yet relaxing masterpiece, go for a combination look. Incorporate modern, conventional, Scandinavian designs with industrial or mid-century textures. You can choose textured wood, ceramic, or glass to mix and match different interior design options. This specific trend can make space for a brighter color palette for all the creative geeks out there!

Revamp Your Home by Hiring the Leading Bathroom Contractor in Ottawa

Bathroom remodeling increases the value of your residential property and enhances its aesthetic appeal. It also enables you to install energy-efficient and functional fixtures for making the most of your space.

With high-quality bathroom renovation Ottawa, you can create a low-key to an A to Z bathroom look at affordable prices. Contact skilled bathroom contractors and renovators at Tremblay Renovations or learn more about our services today!


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