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We know what makes people fall in love with their kitchen: it’s a space which is not only beautiful but also easy to clean. Great kitchens are as much about function and cleanliness as they are about how they appear.

In the kitchen, start with a clean slate. Make sure to put kitchen items back where they belong after you clean them and get rid of those which don’t work.

Our 5 Favourite Tips for Kitchen Organization

How To Organize Pantry Items

  • If you have a lot of the same thing, put them in a labeled basket or box.
  • Put grains, flour and lost seeds in jars.
  • Everyday items should be kept at eye level.
  • Label the shelves.
  • Store things that go with each other together (for example, put the pasta on the same shelf as the sauce; put condiments and sauces next to each other).

How To Organize Kitchen Cabinets

  • We think it’s best to start with cabinets for dishes and glasses because these are things you use every day. These should be kept in an easy place to get to, including when the dishwasher is open. After you put these things in order, it’s easier to figure out where to put everything else.
  • If you don’t have a lot of space, think about putting dishes and glasses you don’t use often somewhere else in the house.
  • It’s best to keep pots, pans and other things near the stove.
  • Spend a little extra money on custom cabinetry organizers for hard-to-reach places. These could be custom corner cabinets, peg-based drawers, or an overhead pot rack for easy access.
  • Add strong, pull-out cabinet organizers to hold things like pots, pans, cooking sheets and large cutting boards.

How To Organize Kitchen Drawers

  • Useful things should be stored together. If you don’t use an item daily, store it in the least convenient place. This way, you’ll have more space for things you use most.
  • Items which you only use once a year (like holiday-themed cookie cutters and certain servers) can be moved to another storage area in your home, so they don’t take up space.

How To Organize Small Appliances and Utensils

You probably already use drawer organizers for silverware. And “easy to see” means they’ll be easy to grab as you cook.  Our favourite way to organize kitchen drawers is to use drawer organizers for bigger items like spatulas, whisks and measuring cups, which are easy to find.How To Create A Beautiful Kitchen With These Kitchen Design Tips

Your island or peninsula is where you’ll do your food prep, so be sure to use them to store your cooking tools. Food will most likely be prepared in a processor or blender at the prep station. Silverware can be stored here too, because when food is put on a plate, forks and knives are easy to reach and ready to use.

How To Organize Decorative Elements

  • It looks great when your kitchen is decorated with hand-painted vases or seasonal candles, glass art or fresh flowers – but if you have too many of them, your kitchen can look messy. Instead of filling your kitchen with many different decors, think about switching things out seasonally to keep things simple and fresh. 
  • Do not include any of the things you don’t like; you can give them away or store them somewhere else. When you have only a few things in the kitchen, you give each one a chance to be the center of attention. This makes the kitchen look lighter and more open.

To determine how to organize your kitchen, use these tips as a guide. You want to make a space that’s both functional and beautiful.

For more information on kitchen organization, visit online or give our friendly experts in Ottawa a call at (613) 748-9999 today.

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