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Things to Consider When Hiring a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Bathroom remodeling may be one of the most rewarding home renovation tasks. The results are immediate and personalized—a gleaming new shower or bathtub, a bright paint scheme, a bathroom vanity with a gorgeous surface and more storage than ever before. A high-quality bathroom renovation may potentially pay for itself by increasing the resale value of the home. One method to guarantee the finest bathroom renovation is to employ an experienced bathroom contractor who will see your project through to completion.

Review the Contractor’s Previous Work

Bathroom contractors often arrive for the interview armed with a photo gallery of past bathroom remodels, either in the form of a picture book or a projected image. Additionally, you may see a contractor’s portfolio on their website or on contractor-matching websites they subscribe to. Aim to go beyond the attractive photographs and determine if this bathroom contractor does the kind of work that is appropriate for you.

Get Estimates in Writing

Verbal estimates are of little use to both the homeowner and the bathroom contractor. Even when everyone has the best of intentions, numbers are forgotten, misunderstood, or misheard. Everyone quickly understands estimates that are well-written. It is entirely acceptable to request a verbal ballpark price from a bathroom contractor. Simply keep in mind that no one is obligated to adhere to that number and that you should follow up with a formal cost estimate.

Pin Down the Schedule

Before signing the contract, confirm with the bathroom contractor the project’s start date and total length. Scheduling is critical for both you and the contractor. Once both parties agree, you may continue with the contract. “Time is of the essence” is a well-known contract phrase that specifies the length of time the contractor has to complete the job, as well as the homeowner’s payment schedule.

Clarify What the Contractor Will Do

Even before the contract is written up, consult with the bathroom contractor to ascertain the scope of work for the project. Bathroom renovation contractors are responsible for a particular list of tasks, as well as the necessary supplies. The contractor will never just say that the bathroom will be renovated. Rather than that, this bigger bathroom renovation project is divided into several distinct, smaller sub-projects.

Discuss Supplying Your Own or Reusing Items

When renovating your bathroom with a contractor, you have the option of recycling usable components from your current bathroom in addition to utilizing new construction materials. Discuss the materials you want to repurpose in advance with the contractor. Additionally, adhere to the contractor’s advice about the feasibility of these materials.

Discuss the Peripherals

A competent contractor will be proactive in bringing up minor problems that may impact your life throughout the bathroom renovation. If the bathroom being renovated is your sole bathroom, what will you do throughout the construction period? When will the subcontractors come and depart? Will they be available on weekends? All of these factors and more have an effect on your life throughout the bathroom renovation process.

Verify Licenses and Credentials

Bathroom contractors must be licensed and registered, including a range of criteria such as insurance, bonding, criminal background checks, testing, and continuing education. Online contractor-matching services usually require members to maintain current licenses and registrations.

Choose the Contractor Who Is the Best Fit

Best Bathroom Contractor Ottawa - Tremblay RenovationYour ultimate contractor selection for your bathroom renovation involves a delicate balance of many variables, not just the one that most of us focus on—a cheap estimate. A low-cost bathroom renovation is unlikely to be worthwhile if the craftsmanship or materials endure just a few years. Rather than that, consider the price in conjunction with:

  • How well you and the contractor get along
  • Whether the contractor’s past projects are compatible with yours and the contractor’s Scheduling
  • The professionalism of the contractor
  • Client testimonials

Sign a Legal Contract

Once you’ve chosen a bathroom contractor, make certain to sign a contract. This contract should be signed and dated by both parties. It should include the renovation project’s specifications, cost, payment plan, worksite location, start and finish dates, and any other information agreed upon.

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