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Modern white kitchen with wooden flooring.

There’s nothing more exquisite than a stunningly designed kitchen space to make scrumptious meals while having a conversation with your loved ones.

A modern kitchen can be an essential asset to your home. It can set apart the average from the amazing, making your space look refined and stunning.

But which design should you choose for your modern kitchen? Well, it depends on your taste, whether you like the traditional styles or have a thing for sleek minimalism space.

At the end of the day, you just want to make sure your kitchen’s a beautiful and functional space that allows you to showcase your culinary skills and have a good time.

Here’s our 2023 edition of the latest modern kitchen design tips that you might find interesting:

Kitchen Islands

We have to start with the kitchen islands, of course. These are freestanding cabinets that compliment your existing kitchen design and add a lot of functionality to space.

You get more storage, more counter space, and extra seating for your guests. It can also serve as an informal dining area for the kids or a sitting room to have a chatter with a friend.

These kitchen islands come in many designs. Browse different countertops and cabinetry options and pick the one that integrates seamlessly in your kitchen.

Modern kitchen with neutral colors design.

Bye-Bye Ol’ Cabinetry

The kitchen and cabinetry share a special relationship, but we think it’s not working anymore! It’s time for the kitchen to move on. We even know the perfect replacement: display shelving.

Traditional cabinets are boring. Though a handful of cabinets look great and provide valuable space to store your kitchen appliances, get rid of large, boring cabinetry blocks.

Glass doors and display shelving will give your kitchen a new personality. You may also consider adding a brick wall and a hanging herb garden to add a new life to your kitchen.

The Color

Choosing the right color sets an average kitchen to remodel from a perfect kitchen renovation. So, it’s crucial that you get it right.

Though there’s no one “right way” to color your kitchen, so to speak.  We recommend using natural colors like white, soft gray, or tan.

They are timeless and make your space look brighter. However, you can also go for dark shades if your kitchen has sufficient lighting for darker elements to stand out.

You know what? We’ve literally just begun. At Tremblay Renovations, our kitchen remodel experts have so many things to discuss renovating your dream kitchen.

We’re proud to be Ottawa’s trusted full-service renovator since 1989. Let’s schedule a consultation to discuss your kitchen design Ottawa goals in more detail.

We offer a range of home renovation services, including bathroom renovations, basement renovations, and more.

Call (613) 748-9999 or visit our contact us page to request a quote today!

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