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As a homeowner with a basement, you are well aware of the amount of potential living space that may be lost in this otherwise gloomy and infrequently used place. Originally, basements were intended to be subterranean storage areas for food, water, and wine. However, they are often utilized these days to get access to pipelines, do washing, or store unwanted stuff. Indeed, newly constructed houses seldom have completed basements.

You can make your basement into a bedroom suite for guests. This means taking advantage of space that isn’t being used and giving guests their own place to stay when they come over.

Tremblay Renovations, a basement renovation company, will assist you with adding an additional bedroom to your home’s basement. Let’s look at a few ideas to get you excited about the prospect of creating a lovely basement bedroom suite in your house.

Brighten it Up

Because most basements are dark and humid, many people choose to brighten the space up with windows, bright lights, and white walls to make the space look more open. When you do this, the space looks very modern. You won’t even know this is a basement. Use white or light colours on the walls and many LED lights to make the room look bigger. You can even add hopper or awning windows to the walls to let more natural light and let more air in.

A Cozy Theme

If you want to create a more intimate atmosphere in your basement, go for natural wood furnishings and more neutral colour tones. This might help your visitors relax after a long road journey and make them feel at home. Additionally, you might include some family images if you anticipate specific family members utilizing the area more often.

Get Colorful & Creative

Another option for a more playful aesthetic is to deviate from basic earth tones and get creative with your furnishings. Bright colours may assist in defining the area and provide an unforgettable experience for everybody who stays in it. It’s also ideal for use as a playroom for smaller children.

For the Kids

If most of your visitors will be children, you may want to consider having the room constructed to suit younger people. By including play spaces, bunk beds, a gaming and entertainment room, and other kid-friendly elements, you can make families feel more at ease and keep children comfortable while they are away from home. This is also a wonderful option if your children have overnight guests since it can be used to host sleepovers or any size group.

Create a Studio Feel

Finally, you may convert your basement into a studio apartment. This is ideal for older children and young people returning from college and for renting out your basement to a renter. The place is simple to create since you’ll keep the necessities in focus, such as a bed, work area, and maybe a bookcase, to replicate a compact living space. You may even install a kitchenette if your budget and the space of your basement permit.

Best Basement Renovation Contractor Ottawa

Tremblay Renovation - Make Your Basement Into a Spectacular Guest Bedroom SuiteWe’re your best choice for a contractor in Ottawa who can help you with your basement. Our experts can help you with the design and renovation of your project to finish your basement. To make sure you have a lot of room to use and that the value of your home goes up, our experts try to make the most of your personal living space. With our help, we make your space look and work better.

We have a lot of experience with basement renovations in Ottawa, and we can help you with that. We think that an unfinished basement can be used in any way you want to design and improve it. Our experts can make your space into a place where you and your family can spend time together. You name it, and we’ll make it happen! Make sure you hire Tremblay Renovation for your next basement renovation project.

Call (613) 748-9999 to discuss your basement renovation project with us today!

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