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While DIY home projects can yield impressive results, there is no substitute for a qualified professional when it comes to home renovations. The sooner you hire a contractor for the room you’re planning on upgrading, the better. But before you dive into research and who has the best reviews, you should consider fixing up underlying issues first. In this post, we’ll explore the main areas you should look at in your home, including essential questions to ask yourself to determine if the space needs work. Then, we’ll explore the possibilities for upgrading those spaces. Let’s get started:

The Foundation and Basement

The basement is the best area to begin your examination. Many issues in your house begin in the basement, so that it may be an excellent signal of problems in other sections of your home.

  • Is there any damage or cracking in the concrete walls or floors?
  • Do the concrete walls have any moist areas, stains, efflorescence or bubbling paint?
  • Is anyone experiencing foul odors, nausea or headaches when in the basement?
  • Is there a high level of humidity, condensation or visible mold?

There are a few problems that may arise if these concerns go overlooked:

  • Serious structural issues can damage your foundation and potentially cause the building to collapse.
  • Water pressure on the exterior of the foundation might create structural issues and leaks. Standing water on your driveway or lawn after a storm might be an indicator of this.
  • Odors will continue to be unpleasant and can cause major health concerns if they are coupled with hazardous molds.
  • Whether from building leaks, plumbing leaks or excessive humidity, unresolved water concerns may cause any future improvements to degrade fast.

Ways to Upgrade Your Basement

You can transform your basement into a functional and inviting space by considering a few small renovations that help increase comfort and use for the space. For example, you can add warmth with insulation and flooring, create multifunctional zones with smart storage solutions, brighten the area with proper lighting, and enhance comfort with a cozy seating area. Incorporate decor and finishes to reflect your style for a personalized touch.

The Living Room and General Living Areas

There’s nothing quite like throwing your feet up on the couch after a hard day’s work. But, if your living room’s walls, ceilings, and windows have any of the below issues, it might be time to consider a professional renovation.

  • Do your walls or ceiling have any cracks, holes, bulges, water stains or peeling finishes?
  • Are any of your doors or windows difficult to open and close?
  • Do you have any drafty or cracked windows?
  • Is there dampness between the glass panes?
  • Is there any decay or water stains in the windows or walls?

Simply changing windows and changing drywalling may not be enough to cure the issue; instead, you need to look for the source:

  • Hidden moisture damage with fresh paint or wall treatments will only result in more degradation and mold development.
  • Faulty windows may ultimately cause further damage to the walls around the window region. If the windows are leaking down the wall, the situation may need a thorough house gutting to remove moldy insulation and drywall.

Ways to Upgrade Your Living Room

A well-designed living room is ideal for making a positive first impression on your visitors. It is the location where you will entertain and welcome people into your home, so ensuring it is well-designed, functional, and safe is crucial. If you want to sell in the near future, it’s best to stick to traditional restoration operations, such as mending structural fractures in the walls and painting them in attractive colours. Wallpaper, furniture, and lighting fixtures may all be used to enhance the room’s aesthetic.

The Kitchen and Bathroom

These areas are the most commonly renovated. Kitchens are often described as the heart of the home, while bathrooms are meant to be serene retreats where you can freshen up from the day. Due to their use, there are a few areas to look at when considering whether to renovate:

  • Is there any water seepage around kitchen fixtures, condensation on the windows, or persistent leaky faucets?
  • Is the flooring surrounding the bathtubs or showers broken or soft?

These may be symptoms of underlying issues that should be addressed during renovations:

  • The leaks will continue to cause damage and will only grow worse with time, costing you more money in the long run.
  • Excess humidity will continue to wreak havoc and may encourage mold development, which can lead to major health problems.

Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

A clean bathroom guarantees that you feel refreshed after a long day. It’s also worth noting that it won’t break the bank and will give your bathroom a new appearance. You might choose to replace the outdated bathroom fittings. You may build a bathtub and turn the room into your own spa. Adding gorgeous lighting fixtures to a bathroom area is another way to make it more appealing.

Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen

Consider a kitchen expansion project to make it bigger than it was before. It will aid you in the installation of new kitchen equipment. But, if you don’t want to spend a lot on your kitchen, try minor makeover options like:

  • Adding a customized coffered ceiling will give the area a regal appearance.
  • Replacing outdated kitchen cabinets with glass cabinets gives the sense of more room.
  • Paint the kitchen space in bright hues to make it seem larger.
  • Putting up task lights for improved ambience.

How to Begin Your Home Renovation Project

Why Consider a Home Renovation Project?

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to renovate your home. Maybe you’ve discovered some underlying issues that need to be addressed, and an upgrade makes sense after repairs. Perhaps your family is growing, and you need more functional spaces. Some homeowners could even be looking to sell in the near future and want to make their property more appealing to potential buyers. Whatever the reason, Tremblay Renovation is here to help.

Tremblay Renovation has been a prominent Ottawa home renovation contractor for more than three decades, offering clients cutting-edge options and solutions for their spaces. We provide design services that are specifically customized to the requirements of each of our clients. We also have the experience and skills to handle any remodeling job. You can rely on us to come up with a plan that meets your needs while staying within your budget.

If your kitchen, bathroom, or basement needs a new look, schedule a home design consultation with our experienced and talented professionals today!


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