What Is a Home Contractor?

A home contractor can also be referred to as a “general contractor” or a “home builder”.

Home Contractor Defined

A home contractor (general contractor) is the primary contractor for constructing or modifying a home. The contractor employs all subcontractors and is in charge of monitoring all aspects of the building project.

Home Contractor Responsibilities

The home contractor is responsible for all personnel including subcontractors. The home contractor is in charge of the whole construction process, which includes negotiating with subcontractors to keep everyone on track. Compared to dealing with all the subcontractors, the homeowner simply needs to deal with the contractor.

Construction Experience

Most contractors started their careers as carpenters and learned how to build a home from the ground up, including all areas such as HVAC (heating and air conditioning), electrical and plumbing.

What the Contractor Provides

All equipment and construction materials are the responsibility of the contractor. Other tasks include obtaining building permits, establishing temporary utilities, inspections, fees for some services, and other construction and maintenance expenses.

Meeting With the Client

The contractor will meet with the client(s) to review the plan for the new house and/or evaluate the remodeling construction project. At this point, the customer will advise the contractor of the job’s budget.

Budget Negotiation

The contractor may determine that he or she will be unable to finish the planned job within the budget provided. The customer must then determine if the budget is flexible, and reach a preliminary agreement on the project pricing with the contractor.

Pricing Out Jobs

A contractor might engage in a pricing agreement with a customer in a variety of ways; this often relies on the nature of the task and the requirements of the contractor.


An experienced contractor typically provides an accurate estimate of the cost of a project to a prospective customer. This might be offered to the customer as a starting point for determining whether or not the project is viable. Some contractors base their estimates on a specific price per square foot. Unless otherwise agreed, the contractor will issue a formal bid for the job after producing an estimate.

Cost Plus Price

A “cost-reimbursement” contract is another name for this sort of contract. The customer reimburses the contractor for all supplies and other expenditures incurred during the completion of the work (including labour). The contractor then adds his/her fee on top of the expenditures, which is a fixed amount that never changes. However, the costs may vary depending on the market price, along with any complications that develop throughout the renovation or building process.

How a Contractor Prepares Your Bid

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Most individuals attempt to get at least three quotes for their building project. The only exception would be if they’re well acquainted with the builder’s reputation and expressly wish to have him/her for the project.

Contractor’s Bid

If the contractor chooses to bid on the task, numerous factors are considered before calculating the price and generating a final proposal for the customer. Estimating the cost of supplies and labour (including subcontractors) is required.

Pricing Materials and Other Labour Costs

The current material prices are utilized in the bid, although these are subject to change owing to market changes and supply. Unless the contractor resides in a region where all construction employees are unionized, labour prices are unlikely to alter.

Architects and Home Contractors

Most contractors understand how to collaborate with architects, but the contractor is generally the project manager/overseer. Unless the project is very costly and intricate, the architect is only engaged when the contractor has queries regarding the construction or particular building needs.

Licensing and Liability Insurance Requirements

Contractors are required to be licensed; however, some jurisdictions merely need registration. General contractors usually aren’t required to have any formal education; however, some provinces require official experience and training. Most contractors should have liability insurance. Check with your provincial government to see whether it’s necessary.

Understanding the Home Contractor’s Role

It’s important to understand what a house contractor is accountable for throughout a building project. Most contractors depend heavily on referrals for the majority of their work.

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