Different Types of Contractors and Which Are Right for Your Project

What exactly is a contractor? Essentially, a contractor is a design or construction specialist that you hire to complete a project in your house. While general contractors are the most well-known type of contractor, there are a number of subcontractors (more specialized contractors that operate in conjunction with GCs – as general contractors are sometimes referred to) of whom you should be aware of as well. Check out our listing of key types of contractors and subcontractors to see which one you should choose for your next home improvement project.

General Contractor

Consider a general contractor to be the project manager for any construction or remodeling project. They are in charge of engaging all suppliers and professionals (e.g. the subcontractors) to complete the project.


Carpenters are the woodmasters of a construction project, with some specializing in areas such as framing, cabinetmaking or finishing touches such as crown moulding. Because most renovation projects contain a significant amount of wood, general contractors sometimes double as carpenters.


Unless you’re completely off the mark, you’ll undoubtedly need an electrician to wire up your home. Aside from standard electrical systems like lights and outlets, electrical contractors specialize in cable TV, fire alarm systems and even musical equipment.


Drywall (typically constructed of gypsum) makes up a conventional home wall, and these subcontractors specialize in its installation.


Some walls are built of plaster, which is now often made of gypsum. Plastering a wall is a more labour-intensive and time-consuming operation than drywalling; hence, plastering subcontractors specialize in the skill.


You’ll need a painter to colour your walls once they’re up. Some homeowners choose to do this themselves, however.

Wallpaper Installer

Using patterned wallpaper on your walls to make a statement? To guarantee a seamless application, use a wallpaper installer. (Alternatively, you can make your own peel-and-stick kind.)

Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

One of the benefits of modern houses is central heating and air conditioning. There are heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals specializing in installing, repairing, and maintaining anything from your furnace to your ductwork.


If you want to add masonry to your house – from marble countertops to stone pavers in your yard to a stone-clad fireplace – you need to employ a mason.


Roofing may not be the first item that comes to mind when planning a home renovation, but if you’re a homeowner, chances are you’ll need to replace your roof at some time. This work will be completed by a roofer hired by your general contractor; some roofers can also assist you with gutters.


Top Home Renovation Contractor Ottawa Designs ConsultationIf you’re starting from scratch or installing a new addition, you’ll need to hire an excavator to remove the ground from your property in preparation of installing a foundation.


Demo day may be Chip Gaines’ favourite part of a remodel, but did you know there are demolition subcontractors? These pros will assist you in dismantling anything undesired in your home.


Hire a landscaping specialist to assist you in planting fresh greenery or mulching your flower beds, if your yard needs some TLC.

Concrete Specialist

Whether you want to utilize concrete as a decorative feature in your home (for example, with concrete flooring or countertops) or you require a strong concrete foundation, you’ll want to rely on the knowledge of a concrete contractor to ensure the project is done correctly.


Ironworkers are more recognized in the commercial market than in the home-building industry, but occasionally wrought-iron balustrades are seen in private dwellings.


Steelworkers, like ironworkers, are more renowned for large-scale projects. But you’ll still need one if you require steel beams erected during your home restoration job.

Tile Setting

Install anything from mosaic backsplashes in your kitchen, to terrazzo or marble-tile floors, with the help of a tile setting contractor.

Floor Laying

If you want anything other than tilework on your floors, you should visit a floor laying contractor; he or she can assist you with everything from carpet to hardwood to vinyl.

Glass and Glazing

Are you replacing your windows? To determine your glass requirements, consult a glass and glazing contractor.

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