Who Do I Hire For My Renovation?

You’ve decided to renovate your house. Whom should you engage in renovating your home? Is it sufficient to employ a home renovation contractor, or will additional renovation experts be required? Depending on the scale and budget of your project, knowing who to contact and when can assist you in planning.

Do you need the services of an architect or an interior designer as part of your “dream team”? Every significant remodelling project necessitates the hiring of a general contractor to oversee the actual building work. Certain renovations, however, need the technical and design expertise of a professional architect. Certain renovators employ architects to add a degree of elegance, intricacy, and management to their projects. Some believe it is worth the cost, estimated at up to 20% of the budget.

It’s important to keep in mind that services may overlap. For instance, some architects may also offer layout and material design skills. If you employ an interior designer with drawings, they may obtain the services of an architect to stamp them.

When should you hire an architect?

If any of the following apply to your remodelling, you’ll require an architect:

  • Changing the plan, adding on, or demolishing walls
  • Relocation of plumbing lines, such as those in a bathtub or dishwasher
  • Gas pipes that are in motion
  • Working on a historic property

When should you hire a general contractor?

If none of the above apply to your renovation, going directly to a contractor may be the best option. Additionally, you would have a rough concept of what you want to accomplish with the area. The majority of contractors can provide advice on design, materials, and novel approaches to problems.

When is it appropriate to hire an interior designer?

If the walls and functions of the space are not significantly changed, an interior designer may assist with tasks such as:

  • Taking into account the general traffic flow, illumination, and spatial planning
  • Custom built-ins and cabinetry design
  • Management of projects and procurement of materials, fixtures, and appliances
  • Choosing a style of furniture, a colour palette, and a finish

Consider Hiring a design-build firm

For medium to large-scale renovations, design-build may be the most cost-effective choice. Additionally, they excel at any job that demands a great level of attention to detail. These teams provide the following services:

  • Provides comprehensive design, construction, and project management services.
  • From inception to end, a single point of contact.
  • Between the design and construction stages, a more fluid process with more predictable schedules

Who do I hire first?

Home Renovation Company - Tremblay RenovationA refurbishment involves many moving components, and a commonly requested issue is how to approach a refurbishment systematically. Consider assembling a team of remodelling experts depending on your specific requirements, whether they pertain to architectural blueprints or permits, aesthetics or finishing, or all of the above.

Why you should always hire a licensed general contractor

Any reputable general contractor must have a valid license and enough insurance on the local level. Your county’s licensing or consumer affairs departments will identify all licensed contractors.

Should I take the lowest bid?

A word of caution to consumers lured by unlicensed contractors’ cheaper estimates: Contractors without legitimate qualifications may be unable to acquire the necessary licenses for your work. If the work does not adhere to building regulations, you will be liable for the associated costs.

What happens if I hire a contractor who isn’t licensed?

Allowing an unauthorized contractor to operate on your property may potentially void your homeowner’s insurance coverage. If the contractor is not insured for workers’ compensation, you become the de facto employer. If the contractor is careless, you will be liable for any accidents on your property or the property of others.

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